Self Installation Tutorial For The APK Files

Maybe you already know easiest way to install app is from google play, but with manual download from you can save the file & get the apk more early. Before doin it, i just wanna let you know that my apps doesn’t had any malware or viruses except ads. There is one step that you should enable “allow third-party installations or install from unknown sources” that you can disable anytime after installation.

So, Let’s Start then Shall we?

After downloading the apk files, you can directly open after complete the download or you can open the apk files from the file manager (usually at the download folder in your android). But before open the file make sure to enable installation from the unkown source just like the image below.

(it may vary for every phone, but it should be similiar like this)

After you change the setting, open the APK files and begin the installation. If the installation process is done, you should be able to open it and the app icon will be shown in app list.