Bee Gees Lyrics

Do you want to sing along with Bee Gees song but don’t know the lyrics?
Let’s this app do it for you 😀

Find all your favourite songs and albums from Bee Gees and sing along with them. Find your favourite Bee Gees wallpaper for your phone with this app!

The Bee Gees were a music group formed in 1958, featuring brothers Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb. The trio were especially successful as a popular music act in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and later as prominent performers of the disco music era in the mid-to-late 1970s. The group sang recognisable three-part tight harmonies; Robin’s clear vibrato lead vocals were a hallmark of their earlier hits, while Barry’s R&B falsetto became their signature sound during the mid-to-late 1970s and 1980s. The Bee Gees wrote all of their own hits, as well as writing and producing several major hits for other artists.

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App contain this list of albums:

  • Single
  • Mythology (2010)
  • This Is Where I Came In (2001)
  • Still Waters (1997)
  • Size Isn’t Everything (1993)
  • High Civilization (1991)
  • One (1989)
  • E.S.P. (1987)
  • Staying Alive (1983)
  • Living Eyes (1981)
  • Spirits Having Flown (1979)
  • Saturday Night Fever (1977)
  • Children Of The World (1976)
  • Main Course (1975)
  • Mr. Natural (1974)
  • Life In A Tin Can (1973)
  • To Whom It May Concern (1972)
  • Trafalgar (1971)
  • 2 Years On (1970)
  • Cucumber Castle (1970)
  • Odessa (1969)
  • Idea (1968)
  • Horizontal (1968)
  • Bee Gees’ 1st (1967)
  • Monday’s Rain (1966)